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We provide support services to clinicians, researchers, academia, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies throughout the development of the product or project. Pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies and the medical device industry require various services such as clinical trials, clinical research services, analytical services, and regulatory services. AzadMedica specifically designed to perform high-quality services to reduce the in-house cost and time of the companies, required to conduct an extensive range of services to comply with the national and international regulatory standards.



We have built teams of thought leaders and business influencers with real-world experience whose unique combination of science and technological expertise is grounded in strategic thinking. Having both scientific experience and strategic thinking at an early stage in the production of a product or project is essential to success in today's competitive market.

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Process & Quality Improvement

Agile software development and Lean Six Sigma are the centers of our quality management framework. Our certified team provides full training and enables your team to recognize deficiencies and weaknesses, establish acceptable standards for assessing and analyzing the impacts, create cost-effective processes and procedures to enhance the quality and maintain the systems.

Customized training, enables your organization to select the best program for each team member. Training programs provided online and certificates will be issued upon completion of the training, by accreditated collaborator, RPM Academy. 

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Regulatory Compliance & Transparency

Our industry thought leaders use advanced tools to achieve both productivity and quality in any deliverable, in a regulatory compliant setting. We enable you to develop internal anonymization processes and optimize data utility while protecting patient privacy and planning for large data projects or sharing or cooperating with researchers and other transparency initiatives. Other services include registration of clinical trials and disclosure of findings, preparation for inspection and design and evaluation of quality systems.

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Research & Innovation

At AzadMedica we believe that basic research is the cornerstone of all medical discoveries, enhancing our understanding of biology and improving our knowledge of health sciences. Our scientific and medical expert teams, support your basic science projects, enabling the development and validation of novel and innovative products.

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Clinical Trials

From the protocol design to the Clinical Study Report (CSR) delivery, we can fulfil the needs of every clinical trial phase study. Our validated service portfolio ensures that we can provide tailored solutions to help attract patients on schedule and on budget with a full-service suite of services uniquely developed and tested to meet the needs of the most challenging development programmes.


Data Analytics & Visualization

AzadMedica provides a complete data management service for paper and electronic CRFs for clinical trials (Phase I to IV), non-interventional research and retrospective data collection. We cooperate with selected EDC vendors, alternatively we can support your chosen eCRF system. Clinical Data Management is conducted by professional teams and clinical data analysts, data associates and database developers with several years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

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